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Cardiff Property Buyers

Cardiff Property Buyers specialize in helping people in the South Wales area.
If you have a property that you need to sell fast for any of the following reasons then I can help you:

No or little equity

In Need of repair

Empty Property

Broken Chain

Rented Property


Financial Issues

Moving Abroad

Inherited Property

Tired Landlord


It is often assumed that the only way out of property debt is bankruptcy, but this is not always the case. Our team of experienced advisers have helped hundreds of home owners across the UK who were struggling to pay their mortgage.


Finding yourself in a situation where you have to sell your home, due to marriage breakdown or a property that is no longer suitable can be really tough. The market can be turbulent and you may find that your home is worth considerably less than when you first bought it. If you want to sell in a hurry then you may have to sell at a loss. Or do you?


Are you getting tired of keeping up with all the new regulations and legislation in the private rented sector? Are you considering retirement but not quite ready to sell? We have solutions specifically tailored for Landlords from guaranteed rent to portfolio purchases. You let us know what you need and we’ll find the best solution!


Nothing beats the feeling of buying your first home . A new start and look towards the future. However, as your family grows, you may find your home becomes too small and you need to move. Like many others, you could find that your house is now worth less than when you paid it

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